First of all, like always, we thank you for supporting us all throughout the best and worst. Being entertainers is not really as glamorous as others make it out to be, especially without a solid support system. The fact that there is still a clamor – a demand for our performance means that we hit the jackpot in this aspect, so we can never thank you enough.

Like almost everyone, we started small – singing just within our homes. Eventually, we had to build a bigger stage to practice, thus, we transformed each of our garages into a studio. That transformation is easy since we are all from Phoenix, Arizona. Our garages there are not simply vacant spaces for our cars, but serves as additional living spaces as well because of the protection and insulation brought about by our contemporary styled garage doors in Houston. Because they are sturdy, weather-stripped, and maintained by the best Houston garage door repair company, our regular sessions as a group were comfortable. We never suffered from too much heat or cold, thus making our song-making sessions, even our practice improve over time. What we created within the four walls of our garages then became our starting point that prepared us to where we are now.

Of course, we are not discounting all the help we got especially from our families and loved ones. We thank them for all the support and for pushing us higher that we thought possible.

For you guys, our fans, we thank you for not only supporting us but patronizing also our products and memorabilia. As many of you know, we already extended our expertise in selling many products via our formal websites. The best thing about this is that, you get more than you bargained for because at a certain amount, we make sure that you receive some freebies and extras that would make you even happier with us. Not only that, we also make sure that we give you something personal. We provide you a fan sign in one of our official sites.

We are currently working on improving our interaction with fans through this site. Later on we hope we could create a community where our fans could have a healthy interaction with one another. We are also trying to come up with online contests that would bring us closer together. This would also come with interesting prizes to be won, and giveaways. For now, check out for the mean time some updates for our upcoming tour. Sign up also to our newsletter so you won’t have to miss a thing!


Back in the Spring of 2013 we did a tour with The Story So Far across America called Suppy Nation… it was one of the most fun tours we’ve ever done so when we decided to head to the other side of the globe, it was a no brainer to team up with our old buds… Together, we present, SUPPY WORLD.

Ticket info on the tour dates tab.


25 – Osaka, Japan

26 – Nagoya, Japan

27 – Tokyo, Japan

30 – Jakarta, Indonesia

31 – Singapore, Singapore


02 – Perth, Australia

03 – Perth, Australia

04 – Brisbane, Australia

05 – Brisbane, Australia

06 – Sydney, Australia

07 – Newcastle, Australia

08 – Canberra, Australia

10 – Melbourne, Australia

11 – Melbourne, Australia

12 – Adelaide, Australia

14 – Wellington, New Zealand

15 – Auckland, New Zealand

16 – Christchurch, New Zealand

See you guys there!

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